MUNDANE MYSTERIES: Is It “St. Paddy’s” or “St. Patty’s”?

St Patrick's Day Leprechaun Hat, pots of gold, and green clover

MUNDANE MYSTERIES: Is It “St. Paddy’s” or “St. Patty’s”?

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Now if you’re posting on social you’ve probably seen and typed it both ways Paddy’s with a D’s and Patty’s with T’s. According to a new poll 49% of Americans go with the T version, 29% go with the D version, and the rest aren’t sure. But which is the real correct way?

Don’t worry, I found the answer for you.

People with Irish heritage are more likely to use the D version. This is the original, authentic Irish abbreviation. Reason being because the patron saint of Ireland is St. Padraig, which has a D in the name.  In English, the name is St. Patrick, which is where the T’s come from.

So if you want to be authentic and true to Ireland go with Paddy’s.


Photo credit: Getty Images