Wednesday, March 17th, 2021:  Happy St. Patrick’s Day!; Irish Proverbs; Weird Smells

Wednesday, March 17th, 2021: Happy St. Patrick’s Day!; Irish Proverbs; Weird Smells

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  Anna is excited, because she finally has a reason to use this box of Lucky Charms that has been in the studio for months (don’t ask).  But she’s not planning on eating it, she’s got something else in mind!

What’s your favorite Irish saying or proverb?  Anna and Raven asked around the office and got some great answers!  Their boss even wrote his own Irish Limerick about them!  (2:29)

Dressing up for a holiday can be fun, but if you are wearing THIS on St. Patrick’s Day, that’s all I need to know about you!  (5:53)

Leprechauns are fun, kind, merry creatures right?  Wrong!  Anna and Raven did some intense research, and discovered something terrifying!  Spoiler Alert:  The research involved asking elementary school students.  (9:53)

Producer Sean has spent the entire morning counting the marshmellows in a box of Lucky Charms, and it made Anna and Raven wonder….what’s your lucky charm?  (16:41)

What’s the weird smell that you love?  Gasoline, markers, even skunks made the list!  But Raven mentioned that his dogs feet have a specific smell, and you won’t believe how many people noticed the exact same thing about their dog!  (27:20)

Dan been making extra money driving for a food delivery app. His wife Cara hates it because she thinks it dangerous. He even had kids egg his car recently, how do they know that next time it won’t be something more violent? He’s driving to strangers houses at all hours of the day/night. He says she’s overreacting and it’s fine, plus it’s good cash! Should he have to give it up and find a new side hustle?  (36:14)

Raven’s winning streak continues!  Can Joe finally beat him and win the $700 jackpot?  (43:20)