Monday March 29th 2021: Credit Due; Cliché Conversations; Did You Make Someone Cry?

Monday March 29th 2021: Credit Due; Cliché Conversations; Did You Make Someone Cry?

Do you and your partner argue a lot in the car?  Don’t worry, you’re not alone!  But what do you argue about?  Anna and Raven go over the top 5 reasons couple’s argue in the car!

Is there such a thing as getting too much sleep?  The pandemic has been causing some people to actually oversleep, which sounds amazing but there may be unintended side effects! Dr. Raj is a sleep expert and he’s got some tips to get the right amount of sleep for your workday.  (2:49)

Getting your kids to listen is hard, but if you tell them THIS is coming to get them, that’s all I need to know about you!  (6:48)

Does it ever feel like everyone is having the same conversations on Monday morning?  “What’s you plan for Easter”?  “Did you get your vaccine yet”?  Anna and Raven give you a breakdown of this Monday’s cliché conversations, so you can be ready!  (10:10)

March Gladness continues!  Anna and Raven take your votes to see what makes you happier! Today’s matchup is between two defenders of delight; Finding Money In Your Pocket vs. A New Season of Your Favorite Show!  Find out who wins in the podcast and vote online or call in to vote for tomorrow’s match-up!  (14:09)

Did you do something over the weekend, but not get any credit for it!  Anna and Raven will give you the credit due!  Raven once sent Anna a dozen bottles of wine, and she did thank him, but she also left out one key detail…(20:38)

Have you ever made someone cry?  It’s never a good feeling, but that doesn’t mean it’s always your fault!  Raven lost his temper at a nurse a few days ago, that was definitely his fault, but one caller made her friend cry by just asking her one simple question!  (27:46)

Josh works in HR for a major corporation. His wife, Claire, has a good friend who has a son that recently graduated from college and has not been able to secure a job. Her husband mentioned that he’s recruiting a new entry level hire. She really wants him to at least interview her friend’s son. He thinks it’s uncomfortable because yes, he’s a good kid, but he’ll report directly to him. What if he doesn’t do a great job, then what? Whose side are you on? (37:57)

Steve thinks he’s got what it takes to beat Raven in pop culture trivia!  Can he end Raven’s winning streak and claim the $1500 jackpot?  (44:25)