Monday April 12, 2021:  Credit Due; Givers Remorse; Cliché Conversations

Monday April 12, 2021: Credit Due; Givers Remorse; Cliché Conversations

Do you have a morning mantra?  Anna has started staying positive affirmations in the morning to get her day started right, but Raven’s mantra suggests that he doesn’t quite understand how this works… (1:00)

Do you ever feel like you’re having the same conversation with everyone you run into on Monday mornings?  Cliché conversations are hard to avoid, but Anna and Raven will help you out by giving you the breakdown on the three things everybody is gonna be talking about at work today!  (4:21)

Changing diapers is a messy business no matter where you are, but if you change your child in a place like THIS, that’s all I need to know about you!  (8:21)

Did you do something nice over the weekend, but no one gave you any credit for it?  Don’t worry, Anna and Raven will give you the credit due!  One boss did something so cool for his employees, but none of them bothered to thank him!  (12:14)

Have you ever given something away and then immediately regretted it?  Raven’s friend just bought his first home, and Raven graciously offered him his old TV from the basement.  But then Raven started thinking about it, and he’s having second thoughts.  Is it ok for him to ask for it back? (19:14)

Does everyone at your office hit “Reply All” on all your emails?  Anna and Raven decided to have a little fun with their “Reply” happy co-workers!  Their boss sent the entire office an important email last week.  Anna and Raven will flip a coin to determine who has to send a completely wacky “reply all” reply!  (29:35)

If you were stuck behind a cop at a green light, and the cop wasn’t moving, what would you do?  Anna and Raven both know exactly what they would do in that situation, but their responses couldn’t be more different! (32:56)

Couples Court: Christine and James are moving in together and blending their families. James’ daughter goes to college and Christine’s son in still in high school. Christine believes her son should get the bigger room because he will be home full time. Jon believes that the daughter should get the bigger room because she is older and will be home for holidays and breaks. Both children want the bigger room! Whose side are you on?  (35:49)

Bob has a shot at $2500!  All he has to do is beat Raven in pop culture trivia!  (42:35)