Tuesday April 13, 2021:  Thought You Had It Bad; Zip Lines; Wrong Advice Only

Tuesday April 13, 2021: Thought You Had It Bad; Zip Lines; Wrong Advice Only

The vaccine card is one of the must have items of 2021!  People are doing all kinds of things to keep track of their cards and keep them safe.  But some of these safety measures may be doing more harm than good!  Anna did some research on the do’s and don’ts of caring for your vaccine card!  (00:30)

It doesn’t take much for a tween to get embarrassed by their parent, but what if your tween was embarrassed about you saving someone’s life!  Ok, maybe not their life, but certainly saving them from some inconvenience.  Anna tells this whole crazy story in the podcast!  (3:22)

Canceling a subscription will usually involve an uncomfortable conversation with customer service, but if the guy on the phone gives you some crazy guilt trip, that’s I need to know about them! (7:21)

Have you ever received the wrong package from the post office?  Anna sent her brother a package and the box got there, but it had the wrong stuff inside it!  How does something like that happen?  Amy Gibbs, Communications Expert at USPS, calls in to lend some professional insight into the situation!  (11:16)

Having a bad day?  Don’t worry, no matter how bad you’ve got it, someone on twitter probably has it worse and they’ve definitely tweeted about it!  Anna and Raven cheer you up by reading the best “bad day” posts on twitter!  (15:02)

The First Dog, Major Biden, has not been a very good boy, he’s been biting people!  Luckily, Caesar Millan the Dog Whisperer is on the case!  But Anna thinks she’s figured out the reason Major keeps biting people…  (18:35)

If your adult son gave you a lecture about getting rid of a family heirloom, how would you react?  Well that’s exactly what Producer Sean did yesterday, and he should be ashamed of himself!  But after hearing his story, Raven thinks he may have a point…  (21:44)

If someone cut the line in front of you, would you say something?  It happened to Anna over the weekend and she feels like she should have done more!  So, she asked people to call in with their advice.  But not real, good advice.  Anna is looking for wrong advice only! (29:03)

Couples Court: Jeff broke up with his ex-fiancée last year and she never returned the ring. It was his grandmother’s ring. Now, Jeff and his new girlfriend Tanya have become serious and are talking about getting married. Tanya thinks she should call his ex-fiancée and get the ring back. He thinks that he should just let it go since they did not end on good terms and he’d rather not have to talk to her. (Note: He left his ex to be with Tanya). Whose side are you on?  (36:49)

Raven is on a roll!  Does Suzanne have what it takes to finally beat him and claim the $2600 jackpot?  (45:19)