Wednesday April 14, 2021:  Wellness Wednesday; Roadside Treasure; Raven Talks To Babies

Wednesday April 14, 2021: Wellness Wednesday; Roadside Treasure; Raven Talks To Babies

What would you do if 1.2 MILLION dollars suddenly appeared in your bank account?  Would you report it and make sure it got back to whoever accidentally sent it to you?  Or would you do what this police dispatcher did yesterday?  (00:30)

Do you have a great idea for an invention?  Anna and Raven have a whole bunch of ideas, and they think it’s gonna make them a lot of money!  Brian Fried is the founder and CEO of, and he’s got some tips to help you turn your idea into the next big thing!  (4:03)

What if there was one drink that could do it all!?  Prevent hangovers, boost your mood, prevent cancer, all of it!  Anna and Raven have discovered it, and it’s probably in your fridge right now!  (11:35)

It’s nice to have fun in the workplace every once in a while, but if you do THIS every time you throw something away, that’s all I need to know about you!  (14:56)

What’s your roadside treasure?  Have you ever found something on the side of the road that you took home with you?  Raven almost took home an old arcade game he saw on the side of the road, but one caller found something that got her $2000!  (18:34)

Are you good with babies?  Raven is a dog person, and dogs tend to love him, but small children are a little more undecided.  They either love him or hate him!  So Anna decided to conduct an experiment and have babies call into the show.  But Raven wasn’t prepared for the ultimate test; speaking to Anna’s temperamental two-year old!  (28:47)

Couples Court: Brett and Jessica are going on vacation for a week and leaving their 16- and 19-year-old children at home. Jessica wants to hire a babysitter to come stay at their house. Brett says that’s ridiculous, they’re old enough, plus they just need to threaten them about behavior and trust them. Mom says the investment of $600 for the sitter is worth the peace of mind especially since a couple years ago their older son threw a party that ended with the police officers at their house. Whose side are you on?  (39:02)

Raven is on a roll and the jackpot is up to $2700!  Does Megan have what it takes to beat him at pop culture trivia and claim the prize?  (46:47)