Tuesday May 4, 2021:  Teacher Appreciation Day; Today’s Big Decision; May The Fourth Be With You

Tuesday May 4, 2021: Teacher Appreciation Day; Today’s Big Decision; May The Fourth Be With You

It’s National Star Wars Day, May the 4th be with you!  Anna isn’t much of a Star Wars fan, but Raven and Producer Jon are obsessed, so Anna is giving them 1 minute to talk about it.  Just. One. Minute. (:30)

When Jeff Bezos and Mackenzie Scott got divorced, it was the most expensive break-up of all time!  But Anna and Raven just heard about another separation happening that could beat it, and the amount of money involved is staggering!  (2:46)

If a friend helps you move, it’s polite to buy them food and drinks afterwards, but if that friend shows up to help you move and they’re already half in the bag, that’s all I need to know about them!  (5:31)

Happy National Teacher Appreciation Day!  Our teachers have a lot to deal with on a daily basis, SO Anna and Raven are giving them a chance to vent.  Teachers are calling in their craziest interactions with parents, and you won’t believe what they have to deal with!  One teacher even got challenged to a fist fight in the parking lot, and the only thing that stopped it was the student remembering one small detail!  (9:11)

Cinco De Mayo is this Wednesday, and it’s time to starting preparing for a Mexican Feast!  Food Network’s Chef Plum talks to Anna and Raven about how to make the perfect margarita!  First things first, don’t use a store bought mix.  Making your own mix is easier than you think, and Plum is gonna show you how!  (22:58)

Do you have a big decision to make today?  Honestly, it doesn’t have to be that big.  Anna’s trying to figure out if she should go to a friend’s parent’s wake, or just send flowers.  Raven is trying to find a good crib for his dog while the little guy recovers from leg surgery!  One caller is trying to figure out whether they should even bother going in to work today, and Anna and Raven are eager to share their thoughts on this!  (26:28)

Couples Court: Steve’s parents are very strict and have a dress code for whenever their children/grandchildren go to visit them. Steve and his wife, Joanna’s, sons hate going to their grandparent’s house because of it. Steve’s father insists that the children wear dress slacks, dress shoes, and button-down shirts for Sunday dinners at their home. Joanna is she sick of fighting with the kids every week, she wants Steve to talk to his parents about getting rid of this ridiculous dress or they stop going. He says that his parents have financially supported them for years, the kids must suck it up. It’s respect. Whose side are you on?  (33:46)

Raven had a surprise loss yesterday and the jackpot is back to $100.  Can Linda beat him today and start his first ever LOSING streak!?  (41:53)