Coldplay Debuts New Song “Higher Power” In Space!

Coldplay Debuts New Song “Higher Power” In Space!

A very exciting New Music Friday this week! Two of our favorite Star artists both dropping new songs on the same day. Coldplay and P!nk.

Let’s start with Coldplay. They’re finally back with new music after that last arty album a few years ago which had flutes and handclapping on most of the songs. Now it seems they’re back to big hooks and hits in 2021.

The new song is called “Higher Power” and they will be performing it on American Idol this Sunday night as part of Coldplay Night on the show. All the contestant will perform Coldplay songs.

To celebrate the release the guys also did a video chat with French astronaut who is currently on board the International Space Station. Pretty neat.


Photo credit: Dave Meyers/Atlantic