Thursday, June 3, 2021:  PDA Protocol; Are You Cheap?; Raven Picks ‘Em

Thursday, June 3, 2021: PDA Protocol; Are You Cheap?; Raven Picks ‘Em

Isn’t it such a relief not having to wear a mask anymore?  Well, yes, but it’s also causing a new kind of anxiety for Anna…(:30)

Being in new relationship is an exciting feeling.  But Anna thought the couple at the table next to her’s last night was taking it way too far! (3:16)

Having a strong sense of faith is a wonderful thing, but if you’ve resorted to stealing religious items from stores, that’s all I need to know about you!  (10:19)

What makes you cheap?  Anna and and Raven consider themselves frugal, but some of the things they “save” money on are straight up cheap!  (14:08)

Can you think like a stranger?  Anna and Raven ask 5 random questions, and if your answers match a random stranger’s answers, you win an Amazon Echo!  (23:48)

It’s time to play Raven Picks ‘Em!  Anna picks three crazy news stories from this week, and Raven picks one to talk about!  One of the stories involves a crazy battle of man vs. nature!  (27:34)

Do you carry cash with you?  Anna discovered that there is actually a recommended amount of cash that a person should have on them at all times, and she couldn’t believe how much it was!  (30:45)

Maura and BJ have been dating for two years, but Maura is jealous of BJ’s Mom’s relationship with his ex-girlfriend!  BJ says she needs to relax, she doesn’t know the whole story.  Whose side are you on?  (34:45)

Amanda has a shot at $300!  Can she beat Raven at pop culture trivia and win the prize?  (44:30)