MUNDANE MYSTERIES: Why do pirates wear earrings?

Pirate with flag on beach - color illustration.

MUNDANE MYSTERIES: Why do pirates wear earrings?

Pirates do a lot of wacky things. But one staple of every pirate it seems is wearing lots of jewelry. Especially earrings.

Why is that?

A few reasons actually. First, is that back in the day lots of sailors and pirates collected trinkets from their travels which they made into earrings to show off how many places they’ve been to. Another reason is that there used to be an old belief that wearing earrings could prevent and even CURE bad eyesight. If you’re on lookout for enemies you need that good eyesight from the perch. The third reason was that some believed having earrings in prevented seasickness. And anyone that’s ever been sick at sea can agree you’ll try ANYTHING to stop that from happening.



Photo credit: Getty Images