Thursday June 24, 2021:  Lost A Bet; The Right Age; Set Off The Alarm

Thursday June 24, 2021: Lost A Bet; The Right Age; Set Off The Alarm

Anna read an article about celebrities who ended up marrying fans of theirs, which reminded Raven of the time a famous singer came on to him!  (:30)

It’s time for Raven Picks ‘Em, where Anna picks three trending news stories and Raven chooses one to discuss!  This week’s options are; Britney’s conservatorship, The Pope shaking hands with Spider Man, and medical drama on Jeopardy!  (4:28)

Everyone loves girl scout cookies, but if you’re the person aggressively selling things to your co-workers, that’s all I need to know about you!  (8:27)

Have you ever lost a bet?  A man over the weekend had to spend 24 hours in a waffle house after losing a bet, but that’s got nothing on what Producer Sean had to do! (12:13)

Producer Sean has a new girlfriend!  Since Anna and Raven have each been married for over a decade, they talked to Sean about the new modern rules of dating.  (18:24)

Anna is having a tough time figuring out if her pre-teen daughter is old enough for certain freedoms and responsibilities.  So she decided to ask Raven and the callers what the right age is, and there were definitely some differences of opinion!  (22:08)

Have you ever set off the alarm at a friend’s house?  Anna’s best friend did it at Anna’s house over the weekend, and she almost had a run-in with the police!  (29:20)

John and Gabby are taking a trip with their two teenagers.  John bought first class tickets, but just for him and Gabby, and she thinks that’s not fair!  Whose side are you on?  (36:29)

Mara has got a chance at $1500!  Can she beat Raven in pop culture trivia and claim the prize, or will the jackpot continue to rise?  (44:23)