Tuesday August 3, 2021:  Useless Apps; The Producer Olympics; After You Win The Gold

Tuesday August 3, 2021: Useless Apps; The Producer Olympics; After You Win The Gold

Happy 40th Birthday MTV!  To coincide with Music Television’s 40th, Rolling Stone released a list of the top forty music videos of all time, but Anna and Raven think that some of the choices are controversial!  (:30)

Waiting on a call-back from a doctor can be stressful, but if you scream the f-word right in your doctor’s face as soon as they call, that’s all I need to know about you!  (4:30)

If you won a gold medal, how would you celebrate?  Some athletes order junk food, some celebrate with family, but others….crochet?  (7:57)

How much would you pay for your favorite celebrity to perform at your party?  Miley Cyrus performed at a party recently for a little over a million dollars, but that’s nothing compared to what Rihanna charges!  (11:32)

Do you use every app on your phone, or do you have a bunch that are just taking up space?  Anna was surprised to see how many apps are sitting on most people’s phones, completely unused!  (15:32)

It’s the Producer Olympics!  While the greatest athletes in the world compete in Tokyo, Producer Jon and Producer Sean compete to get the best audio, but Anna thinks that one of them totally mailed it in!  (22:46)

Lots of excitement at Yankee stadium on Monday!  But this time it had nothing to do with baseball….(26:42)

The Tokyo Olympics aren’t just great, they’re Japan-Tastic!  And what could be more Japan-tastic than two athletes agreeing to share a gold medal?  (30:30)

Raven got an MRI over the weekend, and after a stressful couple days he still has no idea what the results are!  But one listener sent an email that might help him find out the results early!  (34:10)

Gina got into a nasty fight with her sister recently, and decided to put her sister on blast in a Facebook post!  Gina’s husband, Kevin, says that she crossed the line, and family fights should stay private, even if she’s in the right.  Whose side are you on?  (41:50)

Jessica thinks she’s got what it takes to beat Raven in pop culture trivia!  Can she take him down and win the $1200?  (49:44)