Monday August 9, 2021:  Are They A Jerk; Crutch Words; Server Stories

Monday August 9, 2021: Are They A Jerk; Crutch Words; Server Stories

Is it weird or flattering to copy someone else’s style?  Anna has been copy a friend of hers for years, and she can’t tell if it’s cool or super creepy!  (:30)

Is there a right way to ask for a raise?  Richard Deosingh, District president for Robert Half Finance and Accounting, has some great tips on how to start getting paid what you’re worth!  (3:32)

Fast food isn’t supposed to be a complicated dining experience, so if you’re taking forever to decide what you want at the drive through window, that’s all I need to know about you!  (7:32)

Do you have a word that you overuse when you can’t think of something to say?  In radio, they call them crutch words.  Everyone has them, but Producer Jon has one of the most bizarre ones that Anna and Raven have ever heard!  (10:26)

Are you up to date on this weekend’s trends?  Anna and Raven discuss everything that’s trending from the weekend, including the reason why Tom Brady and Peyton Manning might have beef!  (14:26)

Former President Obama had his 60th birthday party over the weekend, but the Delta variant has made the guest list even more exclusive than usual!  Anna and Raven talk about who made the cut, and who got denied!  (18:26)

Who’s the jerk in this situation?  Anna saw two people do the same annoying thing over the weekend, but she’s not sure if they were the one being a jerk, or if she’s a jerk for thinking it!  (22:17)

If you’re a server, what’s the most obnoxious thing a customer has ever done to you?  Anna read a story about what one 23 year old did at a steakhouse, and she couldn’t believe someone would go this far just to prove a point!  (29:42)

Justin and Michaela are on a road trip with their kids, visiting family they haven’t seen since before the pandemic!  Michaela says that they should be bringing gifts to each family member, but Justin says that’s unnecessary.  Whose side are you on?  (37:10)

Kim has a got a shot at $1600!  Can she beat Raven in pop culture trivia and claim the prize?  (44:48)