Wednesday September 29, 2021:  Childhood Nicknames; Time to Go; Types of Snores

Wednesday September 29, 2021: Childhood Nicknames; Time to Go; Types of Snores

Have you ever accidentally hurt someone at work? James Bond actor Daniel Craig once accidentally broke his co-star’s nose on set, but Raven has been involved in multiple incidents that ended with injury while on the job! (:30)

Do you snore? What kind snore do you have? Raven went camping recently and noticed that all of his friends snored differently, so he decided to break down the various different types of snores! (3:11)

Lots of people like to accessorize, but if you’re one of the millions of Americans who does THIS to your dog, that’s all I need to know about you! (6:25)

How would you like to have your own personal robot? That’s exactly what the new Amazon Astro is, but Anna has a laundry list of reasons why she doesn’t want one in her house! (9:42)

What if you could work out, while also being lazy at the same time? Well, you can’t. But Fitness Expert Amy Llinas does have some quick tips for staying fit while going about your everyday errands! (13:17)

Did your parents give you a nickname growing up? Anna’s parents had an Italian nickname for her but she only found out what it meant recently, and she’s not sure how to feel about it! (17:18)

How do you know when it’s time to leave? As someone who grew up in the restaurant industry, Anna can tell when the wait staff is eager for you to leave but it can be harder to tell when it’s time to leave a friends party. (27:28)

How much notice should your kids give you before asking for a sleepover? Randy has no problem saying yes to his daughter with no notice, but his wife Morella thinks they need at least a week’s notice! Whose side are you on? (35:25)

Lisa has got a shot at $2600!  All she has to do is beat Raven in pop culture trivia! (42:30)