TELL ME SOMETHING GOOD: We’ve got a real life Footloose happening in Norwalk

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TELL ME SOMETHING GOOD: We’ve got a real life Footloose happening in Norwalk

It all started last year when the Junior Prom for Norwalk High School got canceled because of COVID and this ongoing pandemic. Then this past spring the prom got canceled for a second season in a row. Fast forward to Fall 2021 and Norwalk High School’s senior class president Olivia Mattera had enough and wasn’t going to let it happen again.

Olivia and some of her classmates went in front of the Board of Education last week and pleaded their case about the decision to cancel yet another upcoming dance next month. They made some pretty valid points about students mental health over the course of the last 18 months. There has been a lot of depression, anxiety, and kids just feeling disconnected from their friends and peers. There’s nothing like a school dance to raise spirits and bring everyone together right?

Right! It worked! A few days ago Superintendent Alexandra Estrella broke the news to the students that they will in fact be able to have their upcoming dance. As long as they follow specific health guidelines put in place to keep everyone safe. Which is what most events are doing now anyway.

Go Olivia!! Well done. Dance on, kids.

If you missed it this morning The Anna and Raven Show had Olivia on the air to talk about the whole thing. Here’s the podcast of their interview with her:

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