Friday October 15, 2021:  Do You Wanna Park; Cuffing Season; Raven’s Report Card

Friday October 15, 2021: Do You Wanna Park; Cuffing Season; Raven’s Report Card

Coffee is a part of many people’s daily routine, but how do you take it?  Black? Cream and Sugar?  The answer has surprisingly deep insights into your personality!  (:30)

Every Friday, Raven’s wife Alicia calls in to give him a grade on how good a husband he was that week.  This week Raven has to do something he hates, close the pool for the season!  Hopefully his cold water plunge will result in him getting a good grade!  (3:23)

Did you know that you can trademark sounds?  Anna compiled a list of the most famous trademarked sounds in the world and put Raven to the test to see if he could recognize them! (7:23)

What makes your house ugly?  Despite living in a $60mil mansion, one of the worlds most famous people still gets told her house is ugly by her oldest daughter! (10:55)

Did you know it’s Cuffing Season?  At this time of year, online dating is especially popular!  Anna and Raven decide to celebrate Cuffing Season by writing online dating profiles for each other!  (14:37)

Do you ever “park”?  Do you even know what “parking” is?  Anna had no idea and was shocked to find out that Raven and his wife did it just last weekend!  (18:04)

Have your kids been driving you crazy this week?  Doesn’t matter if it’s human kids or fur babies, Anna Zap thinks you deserve a margarita!  (28:25)

Philip and his friends have a tradition where they dress up every Halloween and go trick or treating.  The problem is, he’s 31 and his wife Ivy thinks it’s ridiculous.  Whose side are you on?  (31:43)

Jerry thinks he’s got what it takes to beat Raven in pop culture trivia!  Can he succeed and win the $200 jackpot?  (39:26)