Monday October 25, 2021:  Anna the Pirate Witch; Chef Plum-Kin Week; Workplace Horror Story

Monday October 25, 2021: Anna the Pirate Witch; Chef Plum-Kin Week; Workplace Horror Story

Anna and Raven are always grateful for any gifts they get, especially from listeners!  But there’s one common type of gift that they does make them a little nervous… (:15)

Chef Plum from the Food Network is calling in every day this week with different pumpkin recipes! Today, Plum is making a pumpkin beer cheese, and also reveals the origin behind the word “Pumpkin”….  (3:04)

Are you up to date on this weeks trends?  Anna and Raven get you caught up on the top trending news stories, including the debut of over 40 Hallmark Christmas movies!  (7:04)

Maybe it used to be culturally acceptable 20 years ago, but nowadays if you’re still putting your children in this life threatening situation, that’s all I need to know about you!  (10:43)

How far would you go to help your kids school cut down on fighting? One group of dad’s from Louisiana came up with a surprisingly effective, if slightly unconventional, solution…  (14:02)

Anna learned how to be a witch over the weekend!  And not just any kind of witch either, but a scary Pirate Witch!  (17:04)

Do you think daycare centers deserve funding?  Of course they do, right?  Well Raven disagrees, but he wants you to hear him out first…  (20:51)

It’s time to play Halloween Candy Autopsy!  Anna is going to read the ingredients of a popular candy (in her witch voice!) and all you have to do is guess which candy she is describing!  (24:51)

Do you have a workplace horror story?  A disgruntled employee recently received 6 months in jail for using rodents to turn his office into the stuff of nightmares!  (27:19)

Michelle and Jack have been dating for 6 months, and Michelle thinks that Halloween night is the perfect time for their kids to meet!  But Jack thinks that it’s way too much pressure and could ruin the night.  Whose side are you on?  (35:10)

Kim has got a shot at $800!  Can she beat Raven at pop culture trivia and claim the prize?  (41:36)