MUNDANE MYSTERIES: Does Halloween candy go bad?

Halloween Jack o Lantern pail overhead view with pile of candy

MUNDANE MYSTERIES: Does Halloween candy go bad?

Starting today and all weekend there will probably be a lot of candy coming into your house. Some people eat it all at once, some like to save it to munch on for months. But does candy actually go bad?

Chocolate will last eight to 10 months. Any hard candy like lollipops, butterscotch, Jolly Ranchers, Nerds, things like that will last about a year. Chewy candy like caramel, candy corn, and gummies should last about six to nine months before they get hard and stale.

One little bonus fact if you start to see a white coating on the chocolate, that’s just the fat rising from the cocoa, and it’s still safe to eat.

Happy Candy Eating!

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