Wednesday November 3, 2021:  Pet Voices; Easy Thing You Can’t Do; How To Fake Cry

Wednesday November 3, 2021: Pet Voices; Easy Thing You Can’t Do; How To Fake Cry

Is there anybody in the world that you would want to call you every single morning?  Ed Sheeran recently said that a major celebrity calls him every day, and this is definitely someone that would be hard to ignore!  (:30)

Daylight savings is this weekend and it can definitely lead to some disruptions in your daily schedule!  But Anna had no idea how dire some of the physical symptoms of Daylight Savings Time could be!  (3:26)

Washing your hands is not a hard thing to do, so if you use a public bathroom and do THIS instead, that’s all I need to know about you!  (6:29)

Are you able to cry on command?  An acting coach has a viral video going around that promises to make you learn how to cry.  But will it work on Raven?  (9:23)

What’s something easy, that everybody else can do, that you just can’t figure out?  Anna works around electronics and computers every day at the radio station, so why does she still need her teenage daughter to do this one simple thing for her?  (13:21)

Do you ever give your pet a funny voice?  Anna has a voice that she uses when she’s speaking as her dog Lila, and it’s shockingly similar to the voice she uses for Raven too!  (28:02)

Kevin can’t stand his best friend’s fiancée. He’s been talking to a few of their mutual buddies and is plotting an “intervention” to tell him that they think she isn’t good for him and that he’s making a mistake. Kevin’s wife, Amy, says you can’t tell a grown man not to get married because you don’t like her! Whose side are you on?  (35:01)

Diane has got a shot at $700!  Can she beat Raven in pop culture trivia and claim the prize?  (42:41)