Wednesday November 10, 2021:  Anna’s Driving Test; Thank You Cards; Lost and Found

Wednesday November 10, 2021: Anna’s Driving Test; Thank You Cards; Lost and Found

A new bathroom is being installed at Anna and Raven’s offices and Anna is wondering why public bathroom technology hasn’t advanced more than it has at this point?  (:15)

Everyone has had to deal with a lot of shortages this year, whether it’s toilet paper, sanitizer, or even chicken wings!  But when Anna heard that there was gonna be a wine shortage, she had to call in the experts.  Wine expert Richard Plutzer talks to Anna and Raven about the litany of supply chain issues causing the shortage!  (3:43)

Have you ever lost something only to find it again a long time later?  A 7-year old girl recently recovered a class ring that had been lost for decades!  (7:23)

Nobody likes waiting in line, but if you’re the kind of person who will run this grocery store scam to eliminate your wait time, that’s all I need to know about you!  (15:03)

Is there a “right” time to go to bed?  According to a new study, there really is a correct time to go to bed to maximize your nights sleep!  (17:41)

Do you still write thank you cards?  Anna hosted a party for Halloween/her daughter’s birthday and now she’s torn about whether she’s obligated to write thank-you’s to her guests! (21:28)

Anna has been having some parking trouble recently and after getting a parking ticket and a nasty note from a stranger, she decided it was time to get some help.  Today, driving instructor and Tiktok sensation Arthur Gauvin gave Anna a driving test to test out her skills!  (29:02)

People’s Magazine has announced the “Sexiest Man of the Year”!  But Anna isn’t sure he qualifies, for the simple reason that he is clearly a vampire. (32:55)

Jackson and Nina are having their annual holiday photoshoot this weekend and their 22-year-old son has requested that his fiancé’ also be in the family photo. Nina says absolutely not, they’re not married and it’s just immediate family like it’s always been. Jackson says that Nina is having issues with her baby boy growing up and that it’s only going to cause issues with their future daughter-in-law if she says no.  Whose side are you on?  (36:15)

Vanessa has a shot at $300!  Can she beat Raven in pop culture trivia and claim the prize?  (44:22)