Wednesday, November 17, 2021:  Germophobe; Shortage Shenanigans; Song About Your Ex

Wednesday, November 17, 2021: Germophobe; Shortage Shenanigans; Song About Your Ex

When you buy or sell something online, how do you go about picking it up or dropping it off?  Whether it’s Facebook Marketplace or Craig’s List, the interaction can be weird, but Raven once had an exchange that felt legitimately dangerous! (:15)

It’s common to feel sad at this time of year.  There’s even an official condition for that sad feeling called Seasonal Affective Disorder.  But Anna and Raven found possibly the greatest wellness coaches on the internet to help you through it! (3:54)

It feels like there are shortages of everything these days!  Whether it’s shoes, alcohol or even turkeys, supplies are low this year!  What have you recently noticed a shortage of?  (7:19)

What do Chris Rock, Nicki Minaj and Raven have in common?  They all got their start working in the exact same place!  (13:34)

Would you ever wear a bullet-proof dress?  Lady Gaga allegedly was wearing one during her inauguration performance and according to Bulletproof Clothing Salesman Bill Geraghty, it’s actually more common than you think!  (17:14)

Taylor Swift is known for writing songs about her exes and her latest re-released song about Jake Gyllenhaal has been getting a ton of buzz!  Anna and Raven decided to get some sonic catharsis as well and asked Producer Jon to write scathing songs about their exes!  (21:08)

Are you a germaphobe?  Anna and Raven are pretty comfortable with germs, but Anna’s husband Paul had a weird encounter in a bathroom with someone who refuses to follow one basic public bathroom rule!  (28:14)

Lauren invited her boss to come over for Thanksgiving since he’s going through a divorce and she thought he would be lonely. Not only did he accept but he asked if he could also bring his girlfriend and his mother. Lauren said yes because she wasn’t sure what to do.  Her husband, Chris, thinks it’s obnoxious and wants to come up with an excuse and say that they have to cancel. Whose side are you on? (35:07)

Stacy thinks she’s got what it takes to beat Raven in pop culture trivia!  Can she succeed and win the $800 jackpot?  (43:24)