MUNDANE MYSTERIES: Why is Big Y called “Big Y”?

MUNDANE MYSTERIES: Why is Big Y called “Big Y”?

I figured with our Food Drive happening today at Big Y in Milford I would make today’s mystery Food Drive related. I was wondering this all morning while I was there… where did the name come from? Big Y? Luckily I got the answer.

Big Y stores were founded in 1936 by two brother, Paul and Gerald D’Amour. The original store was named after an intersection in Chicopee, Massachusetts where two roads converge to form a “Y”.

Ahhhhh… okay that makes sense now.

All these years later, Big Y has almost 80 stores throughout Connecticut and Massachusetts with over 11,000 employees. Incredible.

If you want to read the entire history of Big Y it’s up on their site here