Wednesday November 24th, 2021: Unique Traditions; Thanksgiving Sides; Thanksgiving Dinner Time

Wednesday November 24th, 2021: Unique Traditions; Thanksgiving Sides; Thanksgiving Dinner Time

Anna had an awkward conversation with someone at a store about her leg brace of all things. This person made a strange suggestion to Anna that might upset a lot of people… (0:00)

Anna got a text last night from what she considers to be her worst holiday guest. Who are the worst guests at your holiday parties? (3:14)

If you call Thanksgiving this instead of Thanksgiving, that is all I need to know about you! (6:16)

Politics, vaccines, and much more! There are plenty of topics you want to avoid talking about at the dinner table during Thanksgiving. But we have some topics that are safe to bring up during that family dinner! (9:38)

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, which means it’s time to eat! How can you keep yourself from over-doing it and getting sick? Amy Llinas from Fit Body Vibe has the perfect answer for you! (12:46)

Raven’s family wear oven mitts and unwrap gifts on Thanksgiving while Anna’s family always starts the holiday off with tortellini soup. What is your unique family tradition? (16:38)

Thanksgiving is all about the sides, but are you preparing them incorrectly? Food Network’s Chef Plum fills us in on all the side dishes we may have been making wrong this entire time! (22:56)

Christina and Ryan are supposed to go to Ryan’s parents for Thanksgiving, but Christina doesn’t want to because Ryan’s parents are hoarders. She says the house is messy, dishes aren’t clean and much more! Ryan says they should just go and get it done and be out quick. They can’t not go to Thanksgiving after all! Whose side are you on? (26:55)

Keith has a chance at the $1,300 jackpot before we take a small break from “Can’t Beat Raven” for Thanksgiving. Will he win it all before the holiday!? (34:14)

How would you cook a turkey without a stove? We asked children to give us the best answer they could! (38:00)

What is the usual time you sit down to eat Thanksgiving dinner with your family? Does it meet the average time that most people sit down to eat? (41:53)