MUNDANE MYSTERIES: Where did the term “Cyber Monday” come from?

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MUNDANE MYSTERIES: Where did the term “Cyber Monday” come from?

If you were born, lets say before 1990… then you probably remember the days of lining up 4am on Black Friday and the weeks that followed searching for those perfect gifts while battling crowds. Anyone younger has most likely done all their holiday shopping from their computer growing up.

With today being Cyber Monday I thought we’d take a trip down memory lane to talk about where and why this got created.

In 2005 The Nationa Retail Federation (yes a real thing) came up with the term “Cyber Monday” as the Monday following Thanksgiving weekend. This was because they started to notice that people were doing a lot of online shopping once they got back to work in the office. Because at the time no one really had high speed internet in their homes so everyone was getting their internet deals on the company dime.

That’s how today became one of the business shopping days of the year and dubbed “Cyber Monday”

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