Thursday December 16, 2021:  Porch Pirates; The Masked Singer Winner; Kid-Proof Your Tree

Thursday December 16, 2021: Porch Pirates; The Masked Singer Winner; Kid-Proof Your Tree

What have you asked the internet for help for in this last year?  Type in “How To” into a google search, you might be surprised with the results… (:30)

What’s your favorite Christmas story?  Twas the Night Before Christmas?  A Christmas Carol?  Well this year, Anna and Raven are writing their own story and it’s sure to become a Christmas classic!  Today is Producer Sean’s turn to add his own chapter!  (3:21)

They’re the scourge of the holiday season; Porch Pirates.  Thieves who steal your Amazon packages from right off your front porch!  But Anna and Raven have found three great tips to help you stop them… (6:50)

Homefries are one the most perfect foods on Earth, so if you ruin them by ordering them like THIS, that’s all I need to know about you!  (13:17)

Most adults are familiar with the story of Rudolf the red-Nosed Reindeer, but what kids?  Are still into the old-school Christmas stories?  Producer Jon asked a bunch of kids to tell their own version of the classic Christmas tale and the results are hilarious!  (16:31)

The Santa Tipline has returned!  Call 833-431-0905 and leave Santa a voicemail about who has been naughty and who has been nice.  Anna and Raven will play the funniest messages on the air! (19:49)

The Masked Singer season finale was last night and a winner has been revealed!  Naturally, the first thing they did after winning was go on the Anna and Raven show!  Check out the exclusive interview in the podcast…  (23:22)

Anna’s got three crazy news stories and Raven gets to pick one to talk about!  Today his options are; A real life Grinch, a waitress gets a tip so large it got her fired, and why you should never have cheese cake during the holidays!  (26:39)

If kids are great at one thing, it’s making your house a complete mess!  But how do you avoid them messing up your Christmas tree during the holiday season?  Anna and Raven have got some tips!  (29:08)

Vanessa, Dave and their children are leaving for vacation on Saturday, they’ll be gone for two weeks. Vanessa has planned to take down the tree and all the holiday decorations tonight. She says they’ll be gone for the whole holiday, be back after New Years, and she doesn’t want to come home to a dead tree and a big project to clean up. Dave thinks it’s crazy to take down the tree BEFORE Christmas. Whose side are you on?  (32:15)

Carolina has got a shot $2700!  Can she beat Raven in pop culture trivia and win the jackpot?  (38:31)