Tuesday January 11, 2022: The Secret to Leftovers; Couch Hobbies; Astrologer Anne

Tuesday January 11, 2022: The Secret to Leftovers; Couch Hobbies; Astrologer Anne

Would you live in a haunted house?  What if that haunted house was owned by a comedy legend?  Anna looked up the stats and she was surprised to learn that 1/3rd of people (including Raven) actually would!  (:30)

It can be awkward to be a guy in a Victoria’s Secret, but if you make it even more awkward by doing THIS, that’s all I need to know about you!  (4:19)

What’s the best way to reheat your leftovers?  Raven has a trick that he uses on all his leftover food that Anna had never heard of before!  (7:20)

Do you think that the position of the Moon has any impact on your daily life?  Astrologer Anne does and after listening to her tell Anna and Raven why, you might be convinced!  (13:31)

What food is marketed to kids, but still awesome for adults?  One classic childhood snack is going to start marketing to adults, but do they really need to?  (19:11)

Are there any hobbies that can be learned from your couch at home?  Anna is stuck on her couch for weeks because of her knee surgery and she is looking for ideas!  One caller had an unconventional hobby that Anna is afraid to even attempt!  (22:13)

Joanna and Mike have three children and it’s time for him to replace his current SUV. He’s been shopping and found himself a used Dodge Charger that he really wants. She is adamant that he get an SUV. She drives a sensible SUV, it’s not her dream car, but it’s practical for their family! Do you think he’s being unreasonable?  (28:43)

Nick has got a shot at $400!  Can he beat Raven in pop culture trivia and claim the prize?  (35:50)