Tuesday January 25, 2022:  Fired or Not; Secret Purchase; How Do You Argue?

Tuesday January 25, 2022: Fired or Not; Secret Purchase; How Do You Argue?

Have you ever eaten something expired?  It happens and usually it’s no big deal, but have you ever eaten something that was as old as what Anna ate? (:30)

New York real estate is some of the most expensive in the country.  But Professor Jason Barr has an unconventional solution to lower the cost of living in the Big Apple!  (3:49)

Everyone has a price, at least for most things.  But if you put a price tag on THIS, that’s all I need to know about you!  (7:40)

What did you do before the pandemic that felt normal but feels totally weird now?  Simple things like hugs and plane rides now come with a ton of anxiety to the point where Anna is pretty sure she’ll never do this everyday activity ever again! (10:51)

How do you argue with your significant other?  According to new research, there are 4 distinct argument styles, and the worst style is the one that Anna and her husband have been using for 17 years!  (14:43)

Have you ever bought something and hid it from your significant other?  Two successful TV personalities spent a ¼ million dollars on something and Anna is convinced that one of them didn’t tell his famous wife!  (18:05)

Anna and Raven want to play a game!  Callers tell Anna and Raven how they got in trouble at work, and then they guess if the caller got fired or not!  (29:14)

Andrew and Christine’s 11-year-old daughter loves her science teacher. The teacher is younger and often their daughter will come home and tell them about the stories the teacher shared. Although nothing seems that it is crossing the line, Christine still finds it unsettling that an educator is oversharing details of their personal lives. Andrew disagrees, their daughter is happy and doing well in school, who cares if the teacher tells them that she met a guy on a dating app and had dinner with him? What do you think?  (36:24)

Rich thinks he’s got what it takes to beat Raven in pop culture trivia!  Can he succeed and claim the $1300 jackpot?  (44:24)