Monday February 7, 2022:  Your Worst Apartment; Valentine’s Day Serenade; Coupon Protocol

Monday February 7, 2022: Your Worst Apartment; Valentine’s Day Serenade; Coupon Protocol

Do you use car air fresheners?  Anna had a gross experience with on over the weekend and it made her realize she’s been using them wrong this whole time!  (:30)

Are you up to date on this week’s trending stories?  Anna and Raven get you up to date on the biggest news stories from over the weekend, including what you might not have heard about the U.S’s Olympic performance!  (3:16)

What’s the worst rental you’ve ever lived in?  Anna once had an apartment in NYC that was surprisingly affordable!  Until she realized the reason she was getting such a good deal…  (7:15)

You may have coupon skills, but are you as good as Raven’s wife Alicia?  Raven and his wife have gotten their coupon game so dialed in that at this point it’s basically robbery!  (17:48)

After hearing Alicia give her go-to advice on saving money, Anna wanted to compare her skills to the experts!  Josh Elledge from gives his tips to save money on all your shopping!  (21:14)

The Winter Olympic’s are here!  Anna and Raven are giving you the news you might not have heard on TV, including the reason that Anna might be the newest member of the Italian curling team!  (25:09)

Are you looking for a truly unique gift for your significant other on Valentine’s Day?  Anna and Raven have just the thing!  Call the show this week, tell Producer Jon about your Valentine and he may write a song about them!  (29:07)

Caitlyn and Jack are looking to buy a used car and would like to put $5000 down towards the purchase price. Caitlyn says they should just use a credit card check and deposit it into their account. Jack wants to borrow the money from their son’s savings account and pay him back. Caitlyn feels that’s wrong, but Jack says putting themselves into debt and then having to pay a high APR is ridiculous. Whose side are you on?  (33:25)

Herbie and Lilly are teaming up to take on Raven in pop culture trivia!  Can they beat him and win the $400 jackpot?  (41:45)