Thursday February 10, 2022:  Butter Bagel Banter; Anna and Raven’s Super Bowl Ads; Dip Debate

Thursday February 10, 2022: Butter Bagel Banter; Anna and Raven’s Super Bowl Ads; Dip Debate

Anna is enjoying her newfound freedom after being cleared by her doctor after her knee surgery.  The day she was allowed to take her brace off, she went out and did something that she hasn’t enjoyed doing since she was a teenager!  (:30)

What would you do with 7 million dollars?  Would you spend it on a Super Bowl ad?  Lot’s of companies are doing that this year, so Anna and Raven decided to make their own multi-million dollar commercials!  (2:56)

Anna’s got three crazy news stories and Raven is gonna pick one to talk about!  Today his options are; A drunken Mick Jagger impersonator, 3 men who have never missed a Super Bowl, and a car thief who hid in a dryer!  (6:50)

Going to music festivals is a good time, but if you think that qualifies you to be on a TV survival series, that’s all I need to know about you!  (10:12)

How do you prepare a bagel with cream cheese?  Anna was hanging out with her friend last weekend and they found themselves in a disagreement over it.  Anna was shocked to find out that her friend does something deliciously decadent every time she eats a bagel!   (13:49)

Everyone enjoys a good dip, right?  Anna is a huge dip fan, especially at a feast like the Super Bowl, but she feels like there has been no dip innovation recently, and she wants to do something about it!  (21:15)

Is there a right way to eat a box of chocolate?  Turns out there is and professional confectioner Carly Schildhaus shares it with Anna and Raven!  (24:55)

Are you looking for a truly unique gift for your significant other on Valentine’s Day?  Anna and Raven have just the thing!  Call the show this week, tell Producer Jon about your Valentine and he may write a song about them!  (28:53)

Christine has a grad school class on Super Bowl Sunday and will miss the first hour of the game. She has asked her husband, Mike, to record the game so they can watch it together from start to finish when she gets home. It would just be an hour delay behind the rest of the country. He thinks it’s too big of an ask, why should he be punished because she has class? She says it’s only the two of them watching the game, what’s the big deal? What do you think?  (33:07)

Brie has got a shot at $700!  Can she beat Raven in pop culture trivia and claim the prize?  (41:38)