Monday February 14, 2022:  SB Commercials; V-Day for Singles; Anna and Raven Match Game

Monday February 14, 2022: SB Commercials; V-Day for Singles; Anna and Raven Match Game

Break-up’s are tough but is it actually possible to die from a broken heart?  According to an article Anna read, it could really happen!  (:30)

The Super Bowl Half-Time Show is meant to be a spectacle, so if you’re that person who’s complaining about it not being “real” that’s all I need to know about you!  (2:34)

Are you up to date on this weekend’s trending stories?  Two of the stories are obvious, but the 3rd involves the return of one of the most attention-hungry celebrities ever!  (6:33)

The average price for a Super Bowl ad this year was 7 million dollars, but one company spent over 13 million, only to have their website crash!  (10:30)

If you’re single or know someone who’s single this Valentine’s Day, Anna and Raven are here to help!  Cher Gopman, the NYC Wing Woman, gives Anna and Raven her advice for singles this year!  (14:22)

Anna found some of her daughter’s old love poems that she wrote when she was 7! It inspired her to ask some other kids to write their won Valentines Day poems!  (17:56)

How well do you know your spouse?  Anna and Raven ask their respective spouses 5 questions about themselves to see how many they get right!  (20:48)

What did you think about the half-time show?  Anna realized during the performance that she had become every single Half-Time meme in the world!  (28:34)

Can you think like a stranger?  Anna and Raven want to buy your groceries this week and all you have to do to win is answer 5 crazy questions!  (32:33)

Dana and Craig have dinner reservations at a high-end steak house for Valentine’s Day, but Dana didn’t mention to Craig that she didn’t hire a sitter, they’re taking their four-year-old daughter with them. Craig says it’s inconsiderate to the other diners to take a child to a fancy restaurant on a romantic holiday, Dana says she’s not paying (and couldn’t get) a sitter when their daughter is well-behaved and won’t bother anyone. What do you think? Do kids belong out at fancy restaurants on Valentine’s Day?  (35:43)

Gwen thinks she’s got what it takes to beat Raven in pop culture trivia! Can she succeed and win the $900 jackpot?  (43:35)