Tuesday March 1, 2022:  Fashion Fail; Anna Watches The Godfather; Crazy Crash Diet

Tuesday March 1, 2022: Fashion Fail; Anna Watches The Godfather; Crazy Crash Diet

Do you ever get ringing in your ears?  Anna used to think that it was because someone was talking about her, but now she’s begun to recognize that it’s actually a medical condition!  (:30)

Have you ever seen The Godfather before?  In honor of the 50th anniversary of the movie, Anna watched it for the first time ever!  She definitely has some thoughts…  (2:27)

 If you want to watch a popular TV show, just watch it!  But if you’re using your kids as an excuse to watch it instead of just admitting you like it, that’s all I need to know about you!  (5:54)

Producer Jon has been hosting events at a nice family restaurant recently.  But Anna has heard some salacious rumors about what happens at this restaurant after dark and she wants to know if they’re true!  (9:54)

The war in the Ukraine has continued to escalate and the US has responded with severe sanctions on Russia.  But some non-government entities have imposed some sanctions as well and it’s got Anna wondering if Putin ever cares?  (13:45)

What fashion trend do you regret the most?  Anna’s best friend Danielle has got her wearing a stylish new accessory, but Anna isn’t sure it’s a good look!  (16:10)

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy is a fascinating person, but after learning this new fact about him, Anna thinks she’s starting to get a bit of a crush on him!  (27:31)

Packers’ QB Aaron Rogers had a great NFL season on the field but off the field…not so much.  Now he’s back in the headlines with the craziest crash diet you’ve ever seen!  (30:47)

Caleb and Lorraine have been dating for years. They’ve opted to move into a new two-bedroom townhouse with a mutual friend. Caleb believes they should split the rent and utilities equally. He and Lorraine pay half, their roommate pay the other half. He argues that they share a room so it’s only fair. Lorraine disagrees and thinks they should pay 2/3 of the rent and utilities. What do you think? (34:19)

Raven is on a roll and the Can’t Beat Raven jackpot is up to $2000!  Can Michelle finally take him down and claim the prize?  (41:31)