Raven’s Pet Pals – Meet Dewey!

Raven’s Pet Pals – Meet Dewey!

Dewey is sweet, but nervous, he has never shown aggression, his only behavior is when he gets pushed socially, he starts biting the leash which off puts a lot of people. So for Dewey, if everyone just ignore him, let him sniff them, and then I give his treats to the people who will interact with him, then he will warm up calmly and can take a few pets. Too many pets and the behavior will also trigger, baby voices (which we often do to be nice to a dog), can trigger him too. 

He loves other dogs, very dog savvy, cats and small animals is not a match as he does have high prey drive. He enjoys walks and hikes, as well as loves to train and lots of toys. 

He is a very beautiful and lovely dog, but this is the reason no one wishes to give him a chance, they just see his “bad” side.. Once he warms up, he is off the chart amazing. 

We suspect lack of early socialization as well as possible manhandling in his younger days causing this initial anxiety he has. 

This is a new year and Dewey is hoping someone is ready to welcome him and give him the love he so deserves. If you would like to meet Dewey, please complete our online application. Here is the link to the app: https://daws.org/daws-forms/

DAWS is also looking for anyone who is interested in fostering Dewey for some time! If you are interested in that, please do not hesitate to reach out and inquire about being Dewey’s foster family!