Wednesday March 23, 2022:  Rental Nightmare; Cardio Cleaning; Good Idea Bad Idea

Wednesday March 23, 2022:  Rental Nightmare; Cardio Cleaning; Good Idea Bad Idea

What do your co-workers do that drives your nuts?  Anna and Raven found a list of the top responses and shared some pet peeves of their own!  (:30)

Cleaning and exercise are both necessary but time consuming activities, but what if you could get the benefits of both in the time it takes to do one? Anna had Producers’ Jon and Sean try it out!  (3:11)

The Department of Transportation has a tough, necessary job, so if you think that they exist only to cause delays and make you late for work, that’s all I need to know about you!  (7:11)

Basketball may not be your thing, but everyone is always excited about the latest trends!  Anna and Raven present March Fadness, the ultimate tournament to determine the greatest fad of all time!  Today’s match-up is between; Crocs and Fidget Spinners!  (10:40)

What was your rental car nightmare?  One rental car agency has been renting cars that have resulted in over 230 false arrests!  (17:06)

If you need some advice on how to avoid a rental car nightmare this summer, Anna and Raven spoke to rental expert Summer Hull about how to make you renting experience easier!  (24:01)

If you’re a single parent looking to date someone in a similar situation, there’s a new app that might provide a solution!  But is it a good idea or bad idea?  (27:42)

Anna has had a revelation.  She doesn’t have to be the only person in her household that cooks dinner!  This week, she’s enforcing a new rule where each member of her family cooks dinner!  (31:35)

Mike and Katie have a two-year-old daughter. Mike’s mom watches her during the week while they work. Recently, Mike’s mom has started dating a new man. Katie doesn’t feel comfortable having a strange man at the house when their daughter is there. She would like Mike to tell his mom not to have any “friends” over when she’s babysitting! Whose side are you on? (34:50)

David thinks he’s got what it takes to beat Raven in pop culture trivia!  Can he succeed and win the $3600 jackpot?  (42:37)