Friday March 25, 2022:  Your Kid’s Favorite Toy; Anna’s Daughter Makes Dinner; Raven’s Report Card

Friday March 25, 2022:  Your Kid’s Favorite Toy; Anna’s Daughter Makes Dinner; Raven’s Report Card

One of the best parts of going to the Oscar’s is the fancy goodie bags they give out to guests.  But this year, The Oscar’s are actually giving away real estate!  (:30)

Every Friday, Raven’s wife Alicia calls in to the show to give Raven a grade on how he did as a husband that week!  This week, Raven’s latest surgery has been causing some tension in the house, but is that really his fault?  (3:16)

You love your friends, but even the people closest to you can sometimes make you roll your eyes!  If you are that friend who always feels the need to start fights, that’s definitely all I need to know about you!  (7:15)

Basketball may not be your thing, but everyone is always excited about the latest trends!  Anna and Raven present March Fadness, the ultimate tournament to determine the greatest fad of all time!  Today’s match-up is between; Hacky Sack vs. Pokemon Go!  (14:44)

Does your child have a toy that they are particularly attached to?  Anna’s younger daughter has become attached to a particular toy recently and last weekend her worst nightmare came true…  (20:07)

It’s time for Mommy’s Margarita Friday!  Moms (and Dads) share all the crazy things that their kids have put them through this week that have definitely earned them a margarita!  (26:48)

Anna is sick of cooking, so she’s come up with a plan to get her entire family to take over the dinner duties!  Last night, her 13 year old made dinner, with surprising results!  (30:07)

Charlie and Samantha have been dating for a long time. They went to the mall and after a couple of hours, he wanted to leave. Samantha kept saying “a few more minutes”, but after 90 minutes Charlie said he was leaving and left her at the mall. Samantha couldn’t believe it, she thought he was kidding! Was he wrong to actually leave her there?  (33:22)

Tammy has got a shot at a new record high jackpot!  $3800!  All she has to do is beat Raven in pop culture trivia!  (41:04)