Wednesday April 20, 2022:  Natural High; Phones in School; Your Higher Self

Wednesday April 20, 2022:  Natural High; Phones in School; Your Higher Self

If you forgot your phone on  a trip, how far is too far to go back for it?  Anna forgot her phone 15 minutes into a long drive.  Would you have done the same thing she did?  (:30)

Do you struggle with confidence?  Anna and Raven found a group of Tiktokers who have some unconventional ways to raise your confidence!  (4:05)

What gives you a natural high?  Anna got a natural high yesterday from something that the average person does all the time!  (8:01)

Anna and Raven heard that asking for a 10% discount is a great way to raise your confidence, but they were a little skeptical.  So they sent Producer Sean to the corner store to try it out!  (15:19)

Moving large furniture or equipment is never an easy thing to do, but if you’re holding onto a mattress on top of your car that’s all I need to know about you!  (18:52)

Should kids have their phones in school?  After getting an email from a listener, Anna and Raven have been debating the issue and can’t come to a consensus…  (21:47)

It’s common to make fun of adults for not understanding teen slang, but how well would a teen understand slang from back in the 90’s?  Anna conducted this exact experiment yesterday, with surprising results…  (28:49)

What does your best life look like?  Anna has been reading about how to manifest your best life and she decided to have everyone on the show share WHAT THEIR “Higher Self” looks like!  Producer Sean’s higher self is legitimately terrifying… (32:34)

Nate and Ella planned their seven-year-old daughter’s birthday party at a local art studio. Their daughter invited her seven closest friend. The teacher emailed Ella and asked that she extend the party invite to all the students. Ella is against it, it wasn’t the teachers position to request she invite the whole class and it’s expensive! Nate disagrees, why make kids feel left out? What do you think?  (36:34)

Maryanne has got a shot at $5600!  Can she beat Raven in pop culture trivia and claim the largest jackpot ever?  (45:21)