Monday April 25, 2022:  Free Sample Protocol; Neighborly Feuds; Man Camping

Monday April 25, 2022:  Free Sample Protocol; Neighborly Feuds; Man Camping

Being judged for your parenting never feels good, but when it happened to Anna last week she decided to flip the script and judge the other person right back!  (:30)

Do you struggle with a lack of confidence?  Most people do, so Anna and Raven spoke to Confidence Coach Regina Bonds to get some tips on how to start feeling confident today!  (3:48)

Camping trips are fun, as long as everyone comes prepared.  But if you go on a camping trip with a group of friends and nobody thought to bring sunscreen, that’s all I need to know about you!  (7:45)

How many free samples are you allowed to take at the grocery store?  Anna firmly believes that you are only allowed to have one, but Raven has a more cavaliere attitude!  (11:15)

Have you ever had a feud with a neighbor?  Anna’s cold war with her next door neighbor has come to a head since a tree went down on both their properties!  (18:47)

Raven had his annual “Man Camping” trip this last weekend, so Anna decided to have a little fun!  She sent Raven a bunch of pop culture trivia questions to ask his completely pop-culture-clueless friends!  (30:18)

Rob and Dana have a neighbor that’s constantly outside in his underwear. He even comes over to talk to Rob in his boxers when Rob is working on the lawn. Dana says it’s the most obnoxious thing and wants Rob to say something to him about it. Rob says he’s European and how does he say something and not make it awkward?  What do you think?  (38:12)

Rachel has got a shot at $5900!  Can she beat Raven in pop culture trivia and claim the prize? (45:29)