Thursday April 28, 2022:  You Got Served; The QB Quiz; Secret Treasure

Thursday April 28, 2022:  You Got Served; The QB Quiz; Secret Treasure

What music is so culturally important that it needs to be preserved for all time?  There’s apparently a committee in Washington that determine this, but Anna and Raven decided to make their own list!  (:30)

Divorce is hard but if you feel the need to serve your ex in this public a setting, that’s all I need to know about you!  (4:24)

Have you ever been served legal papers?  After hearing the story of one celebrity couple’s divorce drama, Raven decided to share his own messy divorce story!  (7:46)

Are you smarter than an NFL quarterback?  The NFL requires potential QB’s to take a cognition test, so Anna decided to administer that test to everyone on the show! (11:20)

Have you ever found something in your house that turned out to be worth a lot of money?  Anna recently found something in her attic that she’s owned since college and it’s worth WAY more than she paid for it!  (15:19)

Almost every expert and CEO has claimed that meditation is key to their success, so Anna and Raven have finally decided to learn how to do it.  Meditation expert Berta Prevosti came into the studio to guide them through their first meditation ever!  (26:02)

Jessica and Mark have a two-month-old baby at home. Jessica is currently staying home with their baby while Mark is back at work. She’s been struggling lately because their child doesn’t sleep for long stretches and she’s up around the clock with bottle feedings. She would like Mark to help and grab at least one of the feedings at night so she can get five or six hours of sleep. He thinks that it’s too much to ask since he already struggles with sleep, and the baby constantly cries with him. Whose side are you on? (33:52)

Danielle thinks she has what it takes to beat Raven in pop culture trivia!  Can she succeed and win the record $6200 jackpot?  (41:38)