TELL ME SOMETHING GOOD: Fairfield Middle School Students to compete against the world with their minds!

TELL ME SOMETHING GOOD: Fairfield Middle School Students to compete against the world with their minds!

As I always say on the show you can email me your good news or story anytime. Just send it to [email protected] and you might hear it on the air weekdays at 3:30pm. That is exactly what Megan Quinn did today about this amazing group of middle school students in Fairfield.

Here was her email:

Hi Kevin –

A team of middle school students from Tomlinson Middle School in Fairfield have won the CT Odyssey of the Mind competition, and are headed to Iowa State University in Ames, Iowa next month to compete in the World Finals. Over 800 teams from around the world come together for the competition. Our kids are representing their school, town, and all of CT and we are so proud of them.

I am fundraising for the team. The trip is not cheap. It will cost approximately $20,000 for our team to attend in Iowa, where they will stay on campus. I am fundraising to ease some of the cost for the families so that our children can participate in this unique opportunity.

I would love it if you could promote this great accomplishment on your show or social media. We could also have the kids come to your studio to talk about Odyssey of the Mind if that is an option? Below is a link to the GoFundMe page we started.

So exciting right?!

A little more background on their project. Because of Covid, they worked together all year in a cold garage to solve a problem in an original eight-minute musical production. The student members wrote the skit and three songs, built their sets out of recycled materials and designed and created their costumes. It is the true educational embodiment of all STEM curriculum. Their skit focused on Alice Ball, an African American female chemist who developed the first cure for leprosy.

Good luck to all the students! And if you can help them out even a little bit I’m sure they would greatly appreciate it.

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