Tuesday May 3, 2022:  Dog vs. Skunk; Raven Got Scammed; Not Helpful

Tuesday May 3, 2022:  Dog vs. Skunk; Raven Got Scammed; Not Helpful

Facebook may be considered a bit antiquated, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get great advice on there!  Anna needed some baking advice, so she turned to Facebook Live to get the answers!  (:30)

Anna and Raven are making a movie!  After pitching a Christmas movie idea to Hallmark, a production company called Gemelli Films decided to make the movie!  Today, Anna’s get a sneak peek at some potential cast members…  (2:49)

Everyone misreads an email occasionally, but if you congratulate someone for getting terrible news because you weren’t paying attention, that’s all I need to know about you!  (6:47)

Last night was the annual Met Gala in New York!  The Met Gala is known for having guests dress in crazy ensembles, but one woman’s outfit is guaranteed to get everyone talking!  (10:19)

You may think that you’re the kind of person who would never fall for a scam.  Raven certainly thought he was.  Until yesterday…  (14:09)

Mother’s Day is coming up and Anna and Raven want to hear your Mother’s Day confession!  Is there something you’ve always wanted to tell your Mom, but you haven’t had the guts to do?  Or are you a Mom who has made a few mistakes in your parenting life?  Call 833-431-0905 and leave your Mother’s Day Confession!   (18:09)

Have you ever had a pet get sprayed by a skunk?  It just happened to Raven and he needs some advice!  (22:00)

What piece of technology is supposed to make life easier, but actually makes it harder?  Anna has been having difficulty with the self-checkout at her grocery store and this last weekend she found herself in a truly embarrassing situation!  (29:09)

Troy was asked to DJ his son’s senior prom. (Dad owns a DJ company) At first, his son was on board, but now, he doesn’t want his dad at his prom. Leslie says he should just pay to have one of his companies other dj’s to do it. Troy says no way, he said it was okay at first, he’s going to do it! What do you think?  (35:57)

Hillary has got a shot at $6500!  All she has to do is beat Raven in pop culture trivia!  (43:56)