Thursday May 12, 2022:  The Pet You Regret; Sharing a Toothbrush; Fit Bit Forensics

Thursday May 12, 2022:  The Pet You Regret; Sharing a Toothbrush; Fit Bit Forensics

Do you ever get a random crazy DM on social media?  Anna got one on her personal Instagram and she’s thinking of replying…  (:30)

It’s nice to spend quality time with your spouse, but if you do all of your chores with them too, that’s all I need to know about you!  (2:28)

A Fit Bit can be a useful tool for getting into shape, but apparently it can also be used to help solve a murder!  (5:52)

Peaceful protest can be an effective strategy to change a policy you’re upset about, but one Hollywood actor may have gone a bit overboard with his protest in a Starbucks…  (9:49)

Have you ever had a pet you regret?  Anna’s toddler wants a new pet, but Anna thinks it’s a bad idea, so she and her husband came up with a plan to keep their daughter happy and pet-free…  (12:55)

Anna does something that Raven (and most other people) thinks is super gross, but now that a major celebrity has revealed that they do the same thing, Anna feels vindicated!  (24:51)

Anna’s got three crazy news stories and Raven is gonna pick one to talk about!  Today his options are; a gender reveal party gone wrong, a man protests Taco Bell by exercising and two people hospitalized over a donut. (28:17)

When Kelly attended her six-year-old daughter’s parent/teacher conference, she fibbed and said that she and her daughter read every night for thirty minutes. The teacher suggested a reading tutor since their daughter was falling behind. Kelly’s husband, Eddie, is upset that Kelly lied to the teacher about reading every night and thinks she should email the teacher and fess up. What do you think?  (31:24)

Gayle has got a chance to win $7200, the largest Can’t Beat Raven jackpot ever!  All she has to do is beat Raven in pop culture trivia!  (38:18)