TELL ME SOMETHING GOOD: Two people who will inspire you to graduate

TELL ME SOMETHING GOOD: Two people who will inspire you to graduate

It’s graduation season and I’m sure you know someone walking the stage this year to get their diploma. But the fact is there are a lot of people who never got to have that moment for various different reasons. If that’s you, maybe these two stories will inspire you to go back and get that degree.

First is an 80 year old woman named Madeline Adams who attended the University of Nebraska-Omaha 60 years ago. At the time she stopped going because “life happened”. Jobs, kids, everything that was going on in her life at the time. She always told her kids to never start anything they cannot finish. So he daughter encouraged her to go back and get her diploma based on her own advice… and she did!

The next one is NBA superstar Steph Curry. Basketball fans may remember his college days playing for Davidson. That was short lived as he left school early to play in the NBA at a pro level. Which has obviously worked out well for him, but he still wanted to finish school so he went back and is now graduating 13 years later.

Congrats to these two and all the other grads out there!

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