MUNDANE MYSTERIES: Who designed the current American flag?

Three flags of the United States of America waving in the wind. Clear sky in the background. Selective focus. Democracy, independence and election day. Patriotic symbol of American pride

MUNDANE MYSTERIES: Who designed the current American flag?

Since we all just honored our fallen heroes last weekend for Memorial Day it got me thinking how great the design of our flag is here in the U.S. Who designed this version of it anyway?

The story is actually kind of fascinating and I guess I never knew this or learned it in history class and since forgot (more likely).

It was actually a school project by a man named Bob Heft when he was a junior in high school back in 1958. The funny part was he only got a B-minus for a grade on it. And even though Alaska and Hawaii weren’t states yet he still put 50 stars figuring that they would eventually get in.

Then the government love it! President Dwight D. Eisenhower called Bob and the school to tell him the design was approved. After that happened Heft’s teacher did change his grade to an A. Probably the right move.

Photo credit: Getty Images