Monday June 6, 2022:  Celebrity Clothing; Show Us Your Dad Bod; Left at the Hotel

Monday June 6, 2022:  Celebrity Clothing; Show Us Your Dad Bod; Left at the Hotel

What do you think is the worst accent in movie history?  The number one most difficult accent for an actor to do may surprise you… (:30)

Are you up to date on this week’s biggest news stories?  Anna and Raven will get you up to date on what’s trending, including the reason everyone was talking about Prince Louis! (4:22)

Decorating for the 4th of July is fun, but if you’re just using Christmas lights that you STILL haven’t taken down, that’s all I need to know about you!  (8:22)

Is it ok to recline your seat on an airplane?  Anna is convinced that reclining your seat makes you a bad person!  (11:32)

What are the most common summer injuries for kids and how can you avoid them?  Christine Russo from Stony Brook Medicine gives you some tips on keeping your kids safe this summer!  (14:43)

Would you ever buy a celebrity’s old clothes?  Anna would and she found a website that allows her to do just that!  (18:26)

Do you find Dad Bod’s attractive?  Anna doesn’t but if you can convince her otherwise, you could win a $200 Home Depot gift card!  (26:11)

Have you ever left anything at a hotel?  Anna left a new coat at her hotel over the weekend and she’s skeptical about whether or not she’s going to get it back…  (29:18)

Jason and Tina have been asked to house Tina’s aunt and uncle visiting from Greece for three weeks this summer. Usually they stay at Tina’s parents house, but they downsized during the pandemic and don’t have the room anymore. Jason says it’s too much of an inconvenience but Tina says how can she tell her family no when they have the room?  (36:55)

Joseph has a shot to win $500!  All he has to do is beat Raven in pop culture trivia!  (44:08)