Wednesday June 8, 2022:  Bad Good Luck; Don’t Say To Servers; Wellness Wednesday

Wednesday June 8, 2022:  Bad Good Luck; Don’t Say To Servers; Wellness Wednesday

Does celebrity drama ever affect you emotionally?  Anna doesn’t like to admit it but she was devasted after hearing the news of this celebrity’s break-up!  (:30)

Have you gotten on the “Gain Train”?  It’s not usually a place that people want to be at this time of year, but Anna and Raven have some tips on how to stop gaining weight and start slimming down!  (2:45)

Putting your kids on your shoulders at a concert or special event is nice, but if you’re ruining the view for everybody behind you, that’s all I need to know about you!  (6:14)

Do you find Dad Bod’s attractive?  Anna doesn’t but if you can convince her otherwise, you could win a $200 Home Depot gift card!  Submit a pic of a Dad Bod in your life and you’ll have a chance to win!  (10:01)

What phrase should we absolutely stop saying to servers?  It drives Anna crazy when her husband says “Can I get…” to a server.  It’s rude right?  But Her husband pointed out something that she does that is equally cringy…. (13:36)

Do you have a will?  Anna doesn’t but according to attorney Brian Cantor, everyone ought to have one just in case!  (24:21)

What does everyone say is good luck, that actually makes no sense?  Anna’s daughter got pooped on by a bird and when Anna tried to explain that it was good luck, she realized how ridiculous it sounded!  (28:18)

James and Maggie have two young children. Maggie (and her mother!) love to post pictures of the kids on social media for friends and family. James hates it and says it’s dangerous to share private pictures of their children publicly. He even wants his mother-in-law to stop posting. What do you think?  (36:00)

Carol thinks she’s got what it takes to beat Raven in pop culture trivia!  Can she succeed and win the $700 jackpot?  (44:13)