THE FEED: Last Minute DIY Dad Ideas

Fathers day composition. Hands of unrecognizable child holding a drawing of her father and little gift. Yellow tulip. Studio shot on wooden background.

THE FEED: Last Minute DIY Dad Ideas

Every Thursday in The Feed Kevin talks to Kallie from ButFirstCoffee about all things parenting and mom life. With Father’s Day coming up this Sunday Kallie has some super fun last minute DIY gift ideas for the kids to make for dad.

Dad Questionnaire – These are super funny for kids like 3-6 you just have them answer questions about their dad like what’s their job, how old are they. You could take it up a notch and do a video of them saying it too.

Popsicle stick picture frames – I think these are just so cute but adorable.

DIY mugs – all you need are some plain mugs (like from the Dollar Tree) and Glass Paint Pens you can get these 2 day shipping on amazon or most craft stores. Once you’ve decorated them allow the mugs to air dry for 8 hours in order to cure. Then, pop them into a non preheated oven, turn to 375, when it hits temperature set a 40 minute timer and then they are done! 

Photo credit: Getty Images