Thursday June 23, 2022:  Toys for Grown Ups; the True Price of Gift Cards; She’s a 10 but…

Thursday June 23, 2022:  Toys for Grown Ups; the True Price of Gift Cards; She’s a 10 but…

What’s the most obnoxious thing your neighbor has ever done?  Anna read a story about one couple whose neighbor chose to mow the lawn at the absolute worst time! (:12)

 Happy National Candy Month!  Anna and Raven spoke to professional confectioner Carly Schildhaus about some of the strangest candy inventions of the last year.  Would you ever eat a ketchup flavored popsicle?!  (2:52)

Company wide emails are sometimes necessary, but hitting reply all rarely is, and if you do it without even realizing then that’s all I need to know about you!  (6:18)

Are you an adult with childish tastes?  Did you know that there is a name for adults like that?  Lots of adults are spending their hard-earned money on toys and toy companies are taking advantage of it!  (10:10)

Is there a personality trait that makes an attractive person unattractive?  There’s a new trend on social media asking that exact question, so Anna decided to play along!  (17:35)

How many unused gift cards do you have?  Despite being one of the most popular gifts, most gift cards go unused, and you won’t believe how much money gets wasted every year!  (21:08)

If an artist told you to do something in a song, would you actually do it?  Beyonce released a song about quitting her job and economists are actually worried about its impact on unemployment numbers!  (28:04)

Every parent dreads the idea of their teenage throwing a party at their home.  But what if a group of teens threw a party at your house and none of them were even your child!?  (32:03)

James made it very clear he did not want a party for his 40th birthday, but his wife, Ellen, planned a surprise party anyway. He doesn’t like the attention and it makes him uncomfortable. He found out from one of his friends and now he wants her to cancel. She says he’s being a big baby, go to your party and have fun. What would you do?  (35:45)

Eleni has got a shot at $300!  Can she beat Raven in pop culture trivia and claim the prize?  (43:16)