MUNDANE MYSTERIES: What are sparkers made of?

Bright burning sparklers against American flag, closeup

MUNDANE MYSTERIES: What are sparkers made of?

Sparklers are one of the most fun 4th of July traditions. While they are much milder than a real firework, it’s still fire on a stick so it’s important to be careful and safe when using them. Especially around kids.

But what are sparklers actually made of to make them look so cool?

A sparkler is typically made from a metal wire coated with a mix of chemicals. The chemicals are connected to the top of part that you hold, a thin stick or wire usually. The most common fuel combination is sulfur and charcoal. To bind it together they sometimes use sugar, starch. The mix of metals like potassium, titanium or aluminum, and dextrin are what creates the sparks. Aluminum or magnesium also helps the looks of that famous white glow.

Happy 4th!

Image credit: Getty Images