Tuesday July 19, 2022: To Tip or Not To Tip; Who’s The Better Driver; Anna’s Ice Bath

Tuesday July 19, 2022: To Tip or Not To Tip; Who’s The Better Driver; Anna’s Ice Bath

Have you ever given up on a TV show?  Anna has been forcing herself to watch a very popular show, but she just doesn’t have it in her anymore… (:30)

It’s alright to cry, but if you’re just doing it to get likes on social media, that’s all I need to know about you!  (3:39)

Nowadays it can be hard to tell who you should tip and who you shouldn’t!  Anna is wondering whether she should tip someone who has helped her a lot recently, but she’s afraid of accidentally insulting him!  (7:36)

Have you ever taken an ice bath?  Anna noticed that a lot of major athletes swear by them, so she decided to take one herself…  (14:36)

If you lost your job today, what job would you apply for tomorrow?  A disgraced celebrity recently applied for a new job and Anna was shocked when she heard what it was!  (18:31)

What should you wear to a job interview?  Traditionally a suit has been the go-to garb, but with office culture becoming more casual, should the interview outfit change as well?  (22:24)

Have you ever needed an umbrella but didn’t have a spare hand to hold it?  Anna has discovered a fantastic product that will solve your problem forever!  (26:24)

Who’s a better driver, you or your spouse?  A new study asked this question recently and almost everybody answered the same way!  (30:04)

Thomas only pays with cash. Whether it’s at a restaurant or at the mechanic, cash only. His wife, Joan, says it’s too much. He has to join the modern age and start using his debit card, most places will be cashless soon! But Thomas says he had his identity stolen a long time ago and he doesn’t want to risk it. Is he being unreasonable?  (37:13)

Gene has got a shot at $500!  Can he beat Raven in pop culture trivia and claim the prize?  (44:52)