Monday August 1, 2022:  The Most Hated Person in the World; Lip Sync; Home Remedy

Monday August 1, 2022:  The Most Hated Person in the World; Lip Sync; Home Remedy

When people go on vacation, it’s usually for one or two weeks max, but one celebrity was complaining in an interview that she doesn’t make enough money to take off half a year!  (:30)

Can you hate somebody you’ve never met?  After this weekend’s Mega Millions drawing, everyone in the world is feeling a little bit salty towards the winner!  (3:23)

Does it bother you when famous singers lip synch at their concerts?  Anna got scammed by a street musician who wasn’t even really playing their instrument, but she’s actually not that mad about it…  (6:30)

There are thousands of flights taking place every single day, so if you’re one of those people who still claps when the plane lands, that’s all I need to know about you!  (16:15)

Where do you get your medical advice?  Doctors are always the best option, but when Anna needs a quick home remedy, there’s only one place she goes!  (19:37)

If someone apologizes to you, do you forgive them?  For Anna, the answer is usually yes, but after seeing one celebrity’s apology video over the weekend, she’s not sure she would be able to!  (26:21)

Ever wondered which celebrity has the biggest carbon footprint?  The answer came out over the weekend and it’s not who you would expect!  (29:36)

Wendy and Jared own a duplex and rent the opposite unit to a tenant. The woman is nice and always pays on time, but they’ve noticed that she’s watching several kids there daily. The kids can be loud too. She had told them she was a nanny but now Wendy wants to evict her because she’s running a daycare out of their home.  Jared says she’s not hurting anyone and responsible, what’s the big deal?  What do you think?  (33:31)

Tina has got a shot at $600!  Can she beat Raven in pop culture trivia and claim the prize?  (41:15)