Tuesday August 2, 2022:  Parental Confessions; In Your Contract; Date Night Discussions

Tuesday August 2, 2022:  Parental Confessions; In Your Contract; Date Night Discussions

Anna and Raven are making a Christmas movie!  Seriously, it’s a real thing.  Their first day of filming was over the weekend and they were shocked at how different it was from working in radio!  (:30)

Have you ever had to go dumpster diving?  Producer Jon had to do it recently because his boss asked him to!  (4:07)

Hot Dogs are delicious no matter what you put on them, but if you’re still only using one condiment on your hot dog as an adult, that’s all I need to know about you!  (7:50)

Does your coworker do something that annoys you?  What if you could make them stop by putting it in their contract!  That’s exactly what one NFL team did with their quarterback!  (10:55)

Have you ever stayed in a terrible hotel?  Raven is contemplating staying in a cheap motel after a concert, but he decided to read some reviews on the air first…  (18:05)

Studies say that if you’re on a date with your spouse, you should avoid talking about your kids.  Anna found a list of topics you could discuss with your spouse instead, but some of them are questionable…  (21:27)

Is there something that you hate doing with your kids?  It’s ok, no judgement. Anna has one activity that she hates doing with her toddler, even though everybody claims they love it!  (29:11)

Steve and Rebecca found out that their 16-year-old son was vaping. Steve thinks that Rebecca should discipline him because he’s a smoker and it would just be hypocritical for him to punish him. Rebecca says that’s ridiculous, they’re both parents and should equally be in charge of punishment. Do you think Steve looks like a hypocrite to punish his son for smoking when he, in fact, is a smoker? (36:29)

Yesenia thinks she’s got what it takes to beat Raven in pop culture trivia!  Can she succeed and win the $700 jackpot?  (44:44)